The Club’s annual Prize & Trophy Presentation evening is now being held at the Duke William, 91 Church Street, Starkholmes, Matlock, DE4 3BZ on Saturday February 9th  18.30 for 19.00 (not the Whitworth Centre as previously advertised).  All Club Members, partners and families welcome. Free entry.  You do not have to have won a trophy to attend.  A free buffet will be provided.


A list of the 2018 winners will be published below:

Championship Category Winner

5 mile U-12 Boy

5 mile U-12 Girls

5 mile Youth N/A

5 mile Ladies Elle Twentyman

5 mile Men Mat Boulton

Tandem 5 mile All N/A

10 mile Youth Boy tbc

10 mile Youth Girl tbc

10 mile Junior tbc

10 mile Ladies Jo Barnett / Julie Parker

10 mile Senior Mat Boulton

25 mile Youth N/A

25 mile Junior N/A

25 mile Senior Patrick Gould

50 mile All Ewan Mackie

100 mile All N/A

12 hour All N/A

24 hour All N/A

Short hilly Circuit All Kevin White

Winster Circuit All N/A

Sheldon Circuit All Kevin White

Taddington Circuit Junior Alex Raynard

Taddington Circuit Senior Kevin White

Hill Climb U-12 Thomas Woolf

Hill Climb Youth Boy Sam Marsh

Hill Climb Youth Girl tbc

Hill ClimbSenior Nick Edwards

Cyclo-cross Boys U-7 Oliver Coefield

Cyclo-cross Girls U-7 Catherine Rivis

Cyclo-cross Boys U-9 Jamie Brough

Cyclo-cross Girls U-9 Isla Woolf

Cyclo-cross Boys U-11 Fraser Cummings

Cyclo-cross Girls U-11 Eleanor Gordon

Cyclo-cross Boys U-13 Ben Mellor

Cyclo-cross Girls U-13 N/A

Cyclo-cross Youth B Boys Lewis Holmes

Cyclo-cross Youth B Girls Annabel Parker

Cyclo-cross Youth A Boys N/A

Cyclo-cross Youth A Girls N/A

NDCXL U-9 Boys Charles Van Adrichem

NDCXL U-9 Girls Isla Woolf

NDCXL U-12 Boys Fraser Cummings

NDCXL U-12 Girls Eleanor Gordon

NDCXL Youth B Boys Ben Marsh

NDCXL Youth B Girls Harriet Limb

NDCXL Youth A Boys Lewis Holmes

NDCXL Youth A Girls Annabel Shunburne

NDCXL Male Senior James Lurati

NDCXL Female Senior Cheryl Vaughan

NDCXL Female Junior Sarah Briggs

NDCXL Male Junior Rafael Abrahams

NDCXL Female Veteran Julie Parker

NDCXL Male Veteran Andy Vaughan

Mountain Bike Juvenile tbc

Mountain Bike Junior tbc

Mountain Bike Senior tbc

5 mile Improvers All Stewart Diamond

10 mile Improvers All Ewan Mackie

Hilly Improvers All Josh Williams

U-15 BAR U-15 N/A

Club BAR All Mat Boulton

Junior BAR U-18 Ewan Mackie

Senior BAR All N/A

Vets BAR O-40 on standard N/A

BAR Runner up All N/A

Ladies BAR All Jo Barnett

Ladies Point sAll Jo Barnett

Freewheel All Jonathon Edwards

Touring All N/A

Gareth de la Haye All Patrick Gould

Grass Track All Thomas Woolf

Road Race Youth tbc

Road Race JuniorN/A

Road Race 3/4 Seniors Kevin White

Senior Road Race 1/2 Seniors N/A

Keith Noble All Patrick Gould

Roy Osment U-16

Inter-club DMRC / Matlock CC tbc

RR Boys U-7 Charles Van Adrichem

RR Girls U-7 N/A

RR Boys U-9 Fraser Cummings

RR Girls U-9 Isla Woolf

RR Boys U-11 Thomas Woolf

RR Girls U-11 Eleanor Gordon

RR Boys U-13 Josh Williams

RR Girls U-13 tbc

RR Boys U-15 Matt Nicholson

RR Girls U-15 Lucy Bednall