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Over on the original Matlock Cycling Club Website which was Chris Mottram's own website there are some great photos from events and rides from the 2000s - see if you can see yourself have a look here:

Photos Archive

Over on the

Richard Thoday

Richard Thoday

Cameron Orr

Ellie Smith

Brittany 2000

Tour To Langsett

Phoebe Sneddon

Lee Shunburne

Paul Hodgkinson

Keith Noble

Richard Cordin

Harry Gould

Robin Gould

John White

Phil Smith

Chris Hopkinson

Ron Duggins

Richard Thoday

James Furniss

Emily and Richard Thoday

Emily and Richard Thoday

Peter Colledge

Maz Heffron

Jill Y Gould

Will Gascoyne


Chris Green

Paddy Gould

Terry Taylor

Kyle Fantom

Patrick Smart

Sarah Lomas

Chris Sharp

Steve Strange

Vicky Ironside

Josh Eaton

Andy Woolf

Louise Wainwright

Christine Howard

Karl Webster

Arthur Green

Chris Watts

Chris Metcalfe

Andy Briggs

Paul Homan

Mike Blair

Alan Marsden

Matt Ingram

Tony Falconer-White

Greg Booker

Dom Limb

Andy Vaughan

Julie Parker

Amelie Wayte

Brad Gauntlett

Ewen Ross and Mat Boulton

Cheryl Vaughan

Tim Elsmore-Martin

Julie Parker and Louise Glysen

Jane Falconer-White

Steve Goodall

Martin Holmes

Paul Dalton

Mick Kuszynski

Eric Ruthenberg

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