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Derby Velodrome Youth Coaching

We now have the date for our first youth coaching session at Derby Velodrome. The groups of clubs working together have been restructured and we will be working with three other clubs Heanor, Beeston and Welland Valley with time on the track every three/four weeks and some extra opportunities for more specific coaching sessions on Sunday afternoons.

The dates for the first sessions are 5th April, 3rd May and 24th May with sessions on Sunday mornings running from 7.30am to 11.30am. Cost of sessions will be £10 a rider including bike and shoe hire although the first session will be at reduced cost (not sure of exact price yet). The track bikes are Moda and use a Look Keo pedal system although adapeters to use with trainers are available.

Sessions are open to all Matlock CC riders who are full claim members aged 9 to under 16. Riders do not need to have previous track experience but do need to have a good base fitness to access these sessions ie be able to ride for 20 minutes at a time at a strong pace (not racing pace) and be able to work in a group and take instruction from coaches. The sessions are run by British Cycling qualified track coaches.

If you want to book a place then please let us know as soon as possible. If there are free places on the session closer to the event they will be opened up to other clubs to fill places.

To book a place please contact Tony Falconer White E-mail Phone 07974681804

For any general information call Richard Thoday 07941156162

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