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Guide to Time Trialling

Time trialling is arguably the most simple form of competitive cycle sport to have a go at. It is simply a rider against the clock over a fixed distance or course and you can ride any roadworthy bicycle. Matlock CC run a popular club events series between February and October. A full list of the club events for the year is shown on the event calendar and on the time trial web page

Time trials on public roads are open to riders who are 12 years or older. Riders between the age of 12 and 18 need to fill in a parental consent form with their parent’s signature giving them permission to race. There are two classes of time trial - club and open.


Our Club time trials are open to all who are members of a Cycling Time Trials registered club. Simply turn up at the start, and sign your name on the list of starters. The time keeper will hand out a number to each rider which is pinned to your back. The number is your start time so you need to be at the start line before that time. At the start someone will hold your bike upright on the start line so you can have your feet in the pedals, ready for the off, the timekeeper counts you down and away you go. Club events cost £5 per ride (to cover the £4 per ride levy payable to the CTT), but regular riders can purchase a season ticket to cover all the club time trials. If you wish to be eligible for Matlock CC trophies you need to be a first claim member of the club or Matlock CC is your first claim club for the specific discipline (Timetrialling / Road / Cyclocross etc.) Please note that if you are riding in our events you must use a working front and rear light in accordance with the updated CTT regulations.  U18s must wear a helmet in accordance with CTT regulations.


Open time trials are listed on the Cycling Time Trials website and are open to riders from any club. Open events usually cost around seven or eight pounds and have to be pre-entered at least two weeks in advance (six weeks for national events). Online entry for events and entry forms are available from the Cycling Time Trials website.

A list of the Matlock CC promoted Open time trial events is here

Clothing for time trials is generally a short sleeved racing vest and cycle racing shorts which cover the upper part of the thigh to just above the knee. Nowadays this is often a one-piece skinsuit, although sleeveless tri-suits are not allowed. The wearing of a helmet is recommended for all and is compulsory for all Juniors and Juveniles.

The subject of carrying advertising on race clothing in time trials is complicated. In “Club” events there are no restrictions so you can wear replica pro kit. In “Open” events if you are a member of a sponsored club (or a professional) you may carry your sponsor’s name(s) on your race clothing or you may wear plain kit. Other than that nobody may carry advertising on their race clothing in an open time trial. The only exception to this is where the manufacturer puts a small logo on their products. Thus cycling shoes with the name of the manufacturer e.g. Sidi, Look, etc. may be worn but a racing vest or hat with the name of somebody who did not make it e.g. Raleigh, Campagnolo, your local cycle dealer etc., may not be worn unless they happen to sponsor your club.

You can find out more about time trialling from the Cycling Time Trials (CTT) website here:

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