Youth Club Runs

As a new initiative we are changing the way we organise our youth rides to appeal to younger riders (9+) to reflect the age of the riders coming through the ranks! Each month the youth ride will now be located around a trail to allow younger riders to attend and ride along the trail before meeting up at the cafe. Older riders (12+) can still do a road ride (rather than the trail if they wish) with available adults also returning to the cafe. Parents are encouraged to ride with the youth (or at least have another parent designated to watch over them.  Although we will try to keep the age groupings this of course means that adult and younger (under 9) riders can also use the trail, ride and meet up at the cafe at their own pace - similar to our recent Christmas ride (but without the decorations). That ride was such a success we hope this will build on that demand!

Exact details of time and locations / routes will be published in the newsletter and on the club website calendar but the cafe / trail venues will be as the ones marked in bold on the club membership cards.

We anticipate that of course there will be clashes occasionally with other events - youth track clusters / Darley Moor circuit races but hopefully these will be infrequent and will still give an opportunity to ride for those not attending those events.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at these rides throughout 2020.

Older riders on the road need to be at least 10 years of age, a member of British Cycling (Silver) or a CTC member and capable of riding 20 to 30 miles.


All riders must have a well maintained bike, clothing appropriate to the conditions, and some basic equipment. This must include a helmet, gloves, rain jacket, drink, and a spare innertube. Parents/guardians are encouraged to join the ride.


If you would like to join us please email Andrew Briggs on