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Matlock CC Youth Team


Aimed at competitive minded Matlock CC youth riders aged 12 to 18 the Youth Team has been set up to support and encourage youth racing cyclists through the youth categories and to Junior level within a 'team ethos' where they can help and support each other and act as inspiration for the younger (and older!) club riders.

When a club rider reaches 12 they will be invited to join the team, however it is not intended to be compulsory and a rider of that age can continue on as a club member if they choose. There are a number of criteria and a level of racing the Youth Team are expected to achieve. These are not too onerous but do require racing at a number of local and regional events (NDCXL, Track leagues, MTB etc) which can be tailored towards the riders' particular interests. We also have a number of social activities such as the Youth Ride and the annual 50 mile challenge which are intended to foster friendship and share experiences.


Our aim is to keep them enjoying their cycling, to develop a friendly team ethos by supporting each other, the help them develop technically and physically and to get the best out of themselves at whatever level that may be. We aim to race, train and ride together through activites like the Youth Club Ride. We will encourage and help with racing at regional and national level. We also encourage parental support and involvement!

Matlock Youth Team riders have access to subsidised clothing - the youth team kit is the same design as the club kit but does have 'Youth Team' displayed on it as a way of giving the team its own identity.

If you would like more information please email Club Youth Coordinator Rob Williams on

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