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For Time Trial Events, Results and Information please visit our site here:

Our club time trials are open to anyone who is a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club. They are probably the easiest way to start racing and can just be used as a good training session. The riders taking part cover a varied range of abilities so you’ll always have someone of a similar level to compete against. If you would like to have a go you just need to turn up to the start of the event with enough time to sign on, collect your number and warm up. Each event costs £5 to enter (unless you have a Matlock CC Time Trial Season Pass). Please note that if you are riding in our events you must use a working front and rear light in accordance with the updated CTT regulations. If you wish to be eligible for Matlock CC trophies you need to be a first claim member of the club or Matlock CC is your first claim club for the specific discipline (Timetrialling / Road / Cyclocross etc.) U18s must wear a helmet in accordance with CTT regulations and as the events are on open roads you must be aged 12+ and parents / guardians must fill in a parental consent form available to download from the CTT website here:

Matlock CC Club Events Provisional List 2024:

Matlock CC Club Events 2024 Preliminary Version.jpg
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