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Matlock CC Open Time Trial Events 2024

In addition to the Open time trial events and road racing shown below, the club run regular club time-trial events which can be found here

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MATLOCKCC_Hillclimbs header 2024.jpg

Event Details and Entry Links to CTT website will appear below:

Regional Courses:


The CTT produces an annual handbook where dates, times and organisers details are listed for riders to enter. However the  courses are still only described by letter number codes such as A10/19. Details can also be found on the CTT website.

The first part of the code is the letter which denotes the geographical region where the race is taking place.
A = Central district, this is our district that includes Derby.
K = Midland district which covers Burton, Warwickshire, Coventry etc.
O = North Midlands district which begins North of Matlock & Bakewell.
J = Manchester district including Cheshire and the courses West of Uttoxeter.

Central District Open Courses 2018

Course Distance Details Location

A10/3 10 Miles Margidunum - East Stoke - Car Colston Gunthorpe

A10/13 10 Miles Seagrave lane - Six Hills - Shoby X - A46 Seagrave / Thrussington

A10/14 10 Miles Long Bennington - Gonerby Moor - A1 Long Bennington

A10/16 10 Miles Rowsley - Bakewell Rowsley

A10/19 10 miles Etwall - Foston Etwall

A10/34 10 miles Breedon Circuit Coalville Wheelers

A10/C Closed Circuit Darley Moor

A25/2 25 miles Granby - Bingham - Harby - Bottesford Granby

A25/3 25 miles Tuxford - Sutton-on-Trent - Grasthorpe - Tuxford Tuxford

A25/11 25 miles Etwall - Uttoxeter - Etwall Etwall

A25/12 25 miles Darley Dale - Bakewell Darley Dale

A25/16 25 miles Griffydam - Long Whatton - Diseworth Griffydam

A25/34 25 miles East Stoke - A46 - Stragglethorpe - Farndon - East StokeFarndon

A25/37 25 miles Seagrave - A46 - Stragglethorpe - Six Hills - A46 Seagrave / Thrussington

A30/9 30 miles Etwall - Uttoxeter - Etwall Etwall

A50/5 50 Miles Plungar - Bottesford - Bingham - Harby (x2) - Granby Plungar / Granby

A50/6 50 Miles Etwall- Blythe Bridge Etwall

A50/13 50 Miles Seagrave-Farndon-East Stoke-Six-Hills Seagrave / Thrussington

A100/4 100 miles Etwall - Blythe Bridge - Uttoxeter - Rocester - EtwallEtwall

AH/2 25 miles Rowsley -Youlgreave - Monyash Rowsley

AHC/10.8 miles Riber (0.8m)Matlock

AHC/3 1 mile Holly Lane (1.0m)Ambergate

AHC/6 1km Bank Hill Matlock

AHC/9 East Bank Winster

AS/6 22 miles South Muskham - Ollerton - South Muskham North Muskham

AS/19 30km Griffydam - A453 - Breedon - B5324 - Griffydam Griffydam

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