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Matlock CC NDCXL Event help required

The time for us to host our round of the NDCXL at Bakewell Showground is fast approaching. The actual event is on Sunday 28 December but organiser Chris Green will need lots of help both on the day and the day before setting up. We need volunteers to help set up the course on Sat at 09.30am, staff for signing on; marshalls and car park attendants from 9.00am Sunday; and helpers to take down the course at the end. If you helped in the signing on tent last year and can help again, please let Chris know. There is a free car park pass for the volunteers! Please let Chris Green know if you are able to help with the event by ringing 01629582230 or emailing Your help will be very much appreciated!

MATLOCKCC_NDCXLheader 2014 copy.jpg

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