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Youngsters Coaching at Whitworth Park

We are pleased to announce the return of our Go-Ride Youngsters Coaching at Whitworth Park. As you can probably guess a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to check that we are safe to proceed with these activities and that the format of these sessions will be different from how they ran previously so please read on! These sessions are being run under the guidance given in British Cycling's 'The Way Forward' document which has been agreed with the Government Department for Culture Media and Sport. We will be keeping our 3 group structure (Novice / Beginner / Intermediate) but we will only be coaching 2 of those groups per session. The first session will be the 2 youngest groups and we will then rotate the groups so that over 3 sessions each group will have had 2 goes - this is to limit rider numbers attending. Guidance on groupings if you haven't been before is below; Novice Group - youngest riders starting out aged 3 and up - balance bikes and riders taking their first pedal strokes. Coaches are usually Tina / Maresa but others will be helping as necessary. Beginners Group - older up to age 7/8 able to ride but looking to improve on skills and techniques. Coaches are usually Rob / Jules but others will be helping as necessary. Intermediate Group - eldest age up to 12/13 looking to enhance riding skills and techniques. Coaches are usually Martin / Andy but others will be helping as necessary. If we think you may need to move group we will inform you and you can move for the next session - riders can't change during the session. These events will be online entry only through a form publicised by the club on Facebook / website. Each group has limited numbers - Novice (youngest) is set at 14 riders (to allow close parental supervision by one parent only please), Beginners / Intermediate groups will have 20 riders each so it will be first come first served but the entry opening will be publicised in advance so its fair for everyone. Once full we can't accept any further entries for that particular event or entries on the day unfortunately given current circumstances. Hopefully across a number of sessions all the youngsters will be able to attend. If the event is full you will be given chance to be placed on a reserve list and a priority list for the next event. Matlock CC Club Members only please! There will be separate sign-ons for the groups and both groups must stay apart at all times during the session. There will be 2 sign-on and off points - one at the car park and one in the park where we normally sign-on. No haribo at sign off unfortunately for obvious reasons! Payment will be via an 'honesty box' at sign on - its £1 per rider per session - please note no change can be given! We would prefer if parents could stay remote if possible but we ask that if you wish to watch you keep at a safe distance and do not group in more than 6. This no grouping over 6 also applies to everyone once the session is over (specifically requested by Whitworth Park) The session activities will be run under the British Cycling guidance 'The Way Forward' if you would like to read that document. Some overall important points are listed below; Participants must not attend a ride or session if they have Covid-19 symptoms, have someone in their household who does and are in the extremely vulnerable category or if they have been asked to remain at home by the UK Government track and trace system. (this goes for the Coaches too!) Riders please don't share drinks / snacks or any equipment If any participant develops symptoms after the session please notify the club / coach so the group can be informed Riders to use their own equipment - please check that your bikes and kit are clean and in good working order. Some more general things to be aware of around using the Park / Facilities: The toilets in the Whitworth Park building are open but you must wear a mask when you enter any of the buildings. There is a one way system in place with one queue for both cafe and toilet so allow some time if you need to use the toilet. The cafe is open (with the queuing system) but has restrictions on numbers inside the cafe and has more distanced seating outside. The cafe is operating contact tracing at the moment. You must follow the current Government guidance on bubbles and group numbers when using the facilities / park. The Park is naturally busy with many groups / people using the park in current circumstances so please keep your distance! Any questions please let us know through our contact email and the Club and Coaches are looking forward to seeing the youngsters back riding their bikes! Matlock CC

Entry for the event on September 19th is through the online forms below which will ask for a name and contact (in case of tracing requirements).

To give everyone a fair chance these entry forms will open at Noon on Sunday 13th September - if the group is full you will be able to request a reserve space on this event and a priority space on the next event so that everyone gets a go!.



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