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Club Statement On Restarting Activities

Hi everyone, we thought it was high time for an update on news and events around Matlock CC and our plans for the future following discussion around the Club!

Club Membership

We have decided that 2020 Club membership will be carried over into 2021, due to the enforced lack of activity in the club this year, hopefully we will have a slightly fuller programme next year for us all to participate in.

Club Timetrial Passes

With regard to the Club Time Trial passes they will also be rolled into next year so anyone who had purchased one for 2020 can use it next season too.

The Club has been meeting / discussing how we may bring back at least some of our activities in the current circumstances while abiding with the latest Government and British Cycling guidance. As you will appreciate that is constantly changing so our current thoughts may change accordingly both relaxing or becoming more stringent depending on that guidance. To put these events on there will have to be a number of rules to adhere to keep us safe within the Government / BC advice and where necessary these will be publicised in advance of the events so you can take appropriate action!

We have taken a positive attitude to try to work to bring some activity back rather than continuing with a blanket postponement of all. Below is an outline about what events may be returning and a status report on those that are unlikely at the moment.

Club Time Trials

Current guidance from governing body Cycling Time Trials is changing but potentially allowing events to take place from the 12th July. Of all cycling events these are considered the easiest to facilitate given their solo nature. We are looking at putting on our remaining programme of club time trials beginning with the evening 10 mile time trial on Tuesday 14th July (pending CTT approval). We know of other clubs that are doing similar from the 12th July. To do so they will not be able to run as per a normal event and there will be a number of rules in place to enforce social distancing and keep riders safe including a rider limit and a pre entry system to control numbers. Information and rules will be published ahead of the event.

Open Time trials

We have only our Hillclimb open events remaining this year. Currently we aren't certain we can run them due to the crowds they may attract and the more stringent rules around Open Time Trial events.

Road Racing

Current guidance means that we can't run circuit racing. We currently anticipate that only one of our Darley Moor series of races in September may run but it is dependent on the British Cycling guidance / permission changing to allow us to do so.


We note the recent update from NDCXL that the league is keeping its options open as to at least running some events from October and we currently align with that - for our event to happen there will need to be a relaxation from current Government / Sporting body guidance beforehand.

Whitworth Park Youngsters Coaching

Currently with the group number restrictions, the likely high demand and the nature of Whitworth Park we feel we would not be able to deliver these sessions in a satisfactory or safe manner. Of all our events the Club Coaches are particularly keen to restart these so we will keep this under review as circumstances change.

Trix Awards / Summer Holiday Coaching

Currently with the group number restrictions we feel we can't deliver these sessions.

Darley Moor Coaching Sessions

We are looking to run regular sessions at Darley Moor under the current guidelines and restrictions - look out for updates from the Club in the near future.

Club Social Rides

We are considering whether it would be practical and enjoyable for the riders to run the social rides given the current restrictions and will advise on these at a future date.

Andrew Woolf


Happy Cycling,

Matlock Cycling Club

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