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Matlock CC Club Time Trials to Return in April

Matlock CC Club Time Trial Events planned to return in April - hopefully this is the first of more of our return to activities notifications!


With restrictions from Government and Governing bodies (Cycling Time Trials) being eased from the end of March, the club is aiming to restart our programme of Club TTs from the Ashford 5 TT on Tuesday April 6th onwards. Thanks to the volunteer team who have made themselves available to run these events. We will run the events with the same restrictions as last year until it is deemed safe for us to relax them - that’s both for your safety and those of the volunteers! A full set of event notes are below which must be read to understand how you can take part. Following the first Ashford 5 will be the start of the Thursday hilly series and hopefully we will see a repeat of last years influx of youngsters trying this event - to ride the time trials you must be 12 and above. Entry for the events is not yet available, it will be publicised and online about a week before each event. A list of events and results when published is on the website here:… Course details are here:… Hopefully this is the start of a return to all our events and rides and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoying themselves competing on bikes again! Time Trial Event Notes - please read! Competitors should not attend if they feel ill in ANY way or if family members have any symptoms. Note there are no marshals - course descriptions are available on the website. You must use a working rear light in accordance with CTT guidance. No pusher off. You must start the event with one foot on the floor. No catchers for hill climbs! Events are for Matlock CC members only (1st and 2nd claim) and are now limited to 30 riders maximum. We will review this as the season develops and consider relaxing the limit and membership ruling No 2-up riding allowed. Anyone not competing or an official should not spectate please. Start / Finish Area Riders must not gather in anyway in the start or finish areas or elsewhere. Area marked : from the rear of bike to front of next bike to be 2 metres. No more than three riders queuing. No static warm ups at the start - warm up on the road. Time keepers to be on the opposite of the road to the start and finish for the 5, 10 and hilly events. Competitors on finishing must not stop at the finish and loiter at the HQ/car park and must pack away and leave immediately upon completion of the race. No times to be given at the finish. Results will be published online via Matlock CC social media No support can be provided if a competitor suffers mechanical difficulties. It is strongly advised that all competitors carry with them a spare inner tube/tubular, pump and tyre levers if required. Anything you bring with you to the start you will need to take with you or leave at your own risk (we can't place things into the timekeepers vehicle) No stationary warm ups on rollers / turbo please. Signing on Bring own pencil / pen Enter on line via the online document by Noon on the day of the race (online entry form will be published ahead of the event) Note no entry on the day at the event! The signing on sheet will have your name and number. Please bring your own number pins (if needed) At the end of the event put your number in the bucket! Payment - £4 entry, cash only in the collection box at the start of the event. Please note that no change can be given. CTT Guidance: You can read further guidance on how events are running here: Our club time trials are usually open to anyone who is a member of a Cycling Time Trials (CTT) affiliated club but given the current restrictions they are only open to 1st or 2nd claim members of Matlock CC. We may look to relax this as restrictions are changed.They are probably the easiest way to start racing and can just be used as a good training session. The riders taking part cover a varied range of abilities so you’ll always have someone of a similar level to compete against. Please note that if you are riding in our events you must use a working rear light in accordance with the updated CTT regulations. If you wish to be eligible for Matlock CC trophies you need to be a first claim member of the club or Matlock CC is your first claim club for the specific discipline (Time-trialling / Road / Cyclocross etc.) U18s must wear a helmet in accordance with CTT regulations and as the events are on open roads you must be aged 12+ and parents / guardians must fill in a parental consent form available to download from the CTT website here:…/index/guardians


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