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Club Auction

Club Auction

This takes place at club, the Barn, at 8pm on Thursday, 25th February 2016. Items for sale should be notified to Harry Gould on 01629 812671. Proceeds from the auction go to the club's Young Riders Fund.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 25th 2016 @ 8PM 28th AUCTION YEAR 2016 Auctioneer: Robin Gould Auctioneer's Assistant: ? Sales Clerk: Harry Gould Treasurer: Rachel Sharp ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Auction Rules 1. All goods will be sold at whatever is bid upon the final hammer strike, unless they are marked as Reserved. 2. Goods marked "YES" in the Reserved column, means the seller has set a minimum price. 3. The Auctioneer's Assistant will issue tickets to the successful bidder for each item as they are sold. 4. At the completion of the Auction, cash or cheque should make payment for each item against the ticket. 5. If bidding from the Internet or telephone, then prior arrangement must be made with the Sales Clerk. 6. When all payments have been made, the Treasurer will deduct the percentages as agreed. 7. All commissions, along with the items where more than 10% is donated, go to the Young Riders Fund. 8. If items are not sold in the Auction but are then are later disposed of, the seller ought to donate 10% of the sale to the Young Riders Fund soon after. 9. # means that all or more than the normal commission proceeds is given to the Young Riders Fund. 10. Goods described as S/H vary from “as new” to “used but serviceable”. _________________________________________________________________________________________ An updated list of the Auction items can be seen on our club web forum here


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